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About the fountain
Where is it?

You will find the fountain in the north-east of the town: it's the only pictogram on a blue background. 

Plattegrond met fontein

Why is it called "the lapwing"?

Let's hear what the artists Lucy & Jorge Orta have to say about it: “You can feel the proximity of the inhabitants in Sloten: wash that hangs to dry, benches in front of a house, gardening tools in the yard. The Lapwing fountain tells the story of children who grow up in such a tight-knit community and are familiar with the traditions and customs. The girl on the boy’s shoulders, holding a lapwing in her hand: a bird which traditionally is part of Friesland.

But the Lapwing fountain also has a universal message. The haphazardly stacked buckets, jerrycans and basins under the boy’s feet are the basis of the fountain and are utensils that you will find anywhere in the world. They point to something we have an abundance of in our society but which cannot be taken for granted elsewhere in the world: water. Water is the source of all life.

The water flows continuously in and out of the containers, as if the flow never dries up. The children have climbed the containers to free the lapwing from an old Frisian tradition: collecting the lapwing’s eggs in the spring. The lapwing has become an endangered species of bird as a result of the rapidly growing, intensive agricultural techniques. The lapwing carries a golden key in its beak: the symbol of Sloten and its close community.”

Want to know more about Sloten?

Our staff is well-informed about the history of the town (you can also watch a short introductory film about it).

We also know, better than anyone, the way to the loveliest places of the Zuidwesthoek area, or fun activities that you could do with your children.

And, if you are travelling and looking for a place to stay, we’ll find it for you. For example, if you want to stay overnight in Sloten, you could visit the friendly Hotel Logement Stêdswal Kapelstreek 222, (+31 514 - 854 636)

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